The increasing scope and complexity of procedures performed in the dental suite, coupled with the special needs of an increasingly diverse patient population, pose significant challenges for the modern dental practitioner. Most procedures can still be performed under local anesthesia, with mild oral and/or nitrous oxide sedation if necessary. However, certain complex procedures or procedures performed on patients with special needs, often require a more controlled and deeper level of anesthesia. In particular, elderly patients, those with medical comorbidities or physical disabilities, patients suffering from anxiety, and children may require more sophisticated analgesia and anesthesia. It is within this capacity that Dr. Hussain, as a dentist anesthesiologist, is pleased to offer his expertise.

Until recently, there has been little use of advanced techniques in anesthesia within the specialty of dentistry, largely due to the prohibitive cost of hospital-based anesthesia and the lack of availability of these options in the outpatient setting. However, the increasing availability of specialized dentist anesthesiologists and advancements in medical technology have made it possible to safely and effectively bring hospital-grade anesthesia to many outpatient settings, the dental office among them.

With his extensive anesthesiology training, Dr. Hussain feels he can be an invaluable resource in the dental office, assisting in situations where local anesthesia is insufficient and where moderate, deep, or even general anesthesia may be necessary. Dr. Hussain is experienced in providing all levels of anesthesia, enabling his colleagues to focus entirely on their oral surgical procedure. This allows for a safer, more predictable and comfortable experience for both the patient and the dentist. In addition, he provides all the necessary anesthesia-related equipment and medication necessary to turn your dental office into a state-of-the-art surgical suite.

In non-dental medicine, anesthesia, ranging from local to general anesthesia, is commonly employed in a variety of surgical procedures, tailored to the needs of both the surgeon and the patient. Even minimally invasive procedures, such as placement of tympanostomy tubes, are routinely performed under general anesthesia. This is not because of technical difficulty but because the pain and emotional trauma of the procedure are judged to be significant enough to warrant a deeper level of sedation. Dr. Hussain feels it is imperative that dental patients be provided with this same level of care.

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